What do you care about?

It’s my greatest strength; my biggest weakness. It defines me: I care. I care about patients long after we meet. Especially the ones who we couldn’t help. About big issues, ones I know I can’t possibly solve alone. About poverty, hunger, and all of our ideas that just might change it all. About people who I’ve never met in places I’ve never been.

I care about creating magic and delight. About being generous and creating honest connection. I care about whether or not you feel heard and important. Because, you are.

I care about meaning and adventure. And about love.

I care so much sometimes it hurts. I care even though it makes me the weird one. And even though caring necessarily means taking responsibility.

I care enough to put in the time, to make the call, and to do the work. Enough that I don’t mind asking lots of questions or saying something stupid.

I care about change and about making a dent. I care about you. and me. and them. and what it all means. I know you do too.

So tell me, what do you care about?