Less screen time, more play time.Less artificial light, more sun. Less driving, more biking. Less stuff, more space. Less stress, more laughter. Less planning, more doing. Less of what’s not working, more of what is. Less TV, more dancing. Less fast food, more cooking and candlelight. Less invisible, more proactive. Less boredom, more adventure. Less bland, more vibrant. Less work, more art. Less facebook, more book books. Less noise, more impact. Less worry, more meditation. Less texting, more hand-written notes. Less talking, more listening. Less memorizing, more understanding. Less bullshit, more meaning. Less counting calories, more nutrition. Less coffee, more lemon ginger tea. Less asking for permission, more pick yourself. Less closed, more open. Less hoarding, more generosity. Less rushing, more savoring. Less shame, more empowerment. Less ego, more oneness. Less spoiled, more grateful. Less judgment, more acceptance. Less soft-drinks, more water. Less criticism, more creation. Less down, more up. Less shrinkage, more expansion. Less serious, more lighthearted. Less distractions, more focus. Less one day later, more today now. Less convincing, more delighting.