Your Local Animal Shelter

Week 19: Your Local Animal Shelter

This week is dedicated to our furry friends. This week, GIVE52 is reaching our local animal shelters!

I adopted my best bud, Patch, from my local shelter in Los Angeles 4 years ago. He is a one-eyed wonder dog who was set to be killed before they scooped him up and got him the surgery he needed. The rescue who saved his life is called Cagefree K9 Rescue Foundation.

They have successfully placed over 1,000 rescue dogs in loving forever homes. CageFree K9 Rescue foundation is a non-profit dog rescue organization funded entirely by public donations. Most of the dogs who come into their care have major health issues or injuries which are expensive to diagnose and treat. Their main focus is to help dogs who are red-listed in the high-kill Los Angeles city animal shelter system. They fix ‘em up and match them with their human pals.

I am forever grateful that they saved my amazing pup and I am confident a quick search online will net a treasure trove of similar operations where you live. So this week, my challenge is to find and support your local animal shelter or rescue center.

Have a pawsitively lovely evening.

Jodi (and Patch!)