The White Helmets

Week 35: The White Helmets

The subject of the Oscar-winning documentary of the same name on Netflix, this week’s organization is The White Helmets.

When the bombs rain down, the Syrian Civil Defence rushes in. In a place where public services no longer function these unarmed volunteers risk their lives to help anyone in need - regardless of their religion or politics. Known as the White Helmets these volunteer rescue workers operate in the most dangerous place on earth.

The White Helmets are volunteers who risk their lives to save people on all sides of the conflict - pledging commitment to the principles of “Humanity, Solidarity, Impartiality”.

They rush in to search for life in the rubble, even though more bombs may attack the same site while they do so. These volunteers are heroes. Beond the lives that they save, the White Helmets also deliver public services to nearly 7 million people.

Bakers, tailors, engineers, pharmacists, painters, carpenters, students and many more, the White Helmets are volunteers from all walks of life.

These heroes have saved 95,024 lives to date and this number increases every single day. We can support them. For $4.68, you can buy safety goggles. Donate other supplies, or donate to help wounded White Helmets get back on their feet. 

It is an honor to support heroism and these brave volunteers this week. 

Have a good week,