The Fistula Foundation

Week 21: The Fistula Foundation

This week's organization is the Fistula Foundation. It was founded as an all volunteer organization to support the pioneering Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia. Their mission to fight fistula globally and to provide women with free and safe surgeries.

I know that a few years ago, I was completely unaware of what a fistula even is. So, let’s start here: a fistula is an obstetric injury caused by childbirth leaving a woman incontinent of urine or feces or both. To add to this trauma, a woman with fistula is then often rejected by her husband and pushed out of her village. Obstetric fistula most commonly occurs among women who live in poor countries and women who give birth without access to medical care.

The Fistula Foundation believes that “no woman should have to suffer a life of shame and isolation for trying to bring a child into the world”.

The Fistula Foundation issues grants on an invitation-only basis to “treatment facilities that are known, trusted and have access to qualified fistula surgeons who can provide the best care possible to women”.

The goal is to provide women with free and safe obstetric fistula repair surgery.

This surgery can give a woman her life back after severe trauma, both physically and socially. I am so delighted this week to play a small part in making these surgeries possible.

We are halfway through the year, and still going strong!
I hope your week is lovely, and also that this year truly is shaping up to be one of generosity. I cherish and love being a part of this community, and am so excited to keep up our terrific momentum.

All the best and more,