Surfrider Foundation

WEEK 2: Surfrider Foundation

With this week's organization, I thought it would be great to turn our attention to protecting the things that we love. For me, born in a beach town in South Africa and having grown up in Southern California, this means the ocean.

Growing challenges from pollution, offshore development and climate change pose new threats to our oceans and beaches. At the same time, expanding industries, such as offshore oil drilling, threaten to crowd our ocean and degrade its health.

Surfrider Foundation is a community of everyday people who passionately protect our ocean, waves, and beaches. What started as a group of surfers that came together to protect Malibu from over-development and pollution has grown into one of the most powerful coastal protection groups in the world.

Surfrider has built a network of coastal defenders who transform their passion for our coasts into lasting protection. Bridging local knowledge with national experts in law, policy and science, produces victories for beaches year after year.

$20 pays for to water test to make sure a day at the beach is healthy and safe.

$100 protects 1/4 mile of US coast through the beach preservation program.

This week, let me know about something that is near and dear to your heart! Give to Surfrider or another organization that protects our natural habitat.

Can you believe we are already in our 3rd week of the new year? I'm so grateful for the energy surrounding this project. Thanks so much for being involved!

Have an epic week,