She's the First

Week 39: She's the First

She’s the First supports girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school and trains students in leadership skills. Their goal is to enable and support the next generation of global leaders.

When a girl is educated, she is unstoppable.

With an education, girls “earn 20% more per year of schooling she finishes, are less likely to marry early, and have fewer and healthier children.” She’s the first does not only aim to get girls into school, they aim to get her all the way through to graduation. They identify girls who have both scholastic merit and financial need.

STF Scholars may be good at math or biology, but they’re also able to help translate a land deed for their parents, or to lead a community project to fix a well. They’re local leaders, and they’re building all the skills they’ll need to get jobs, support their families, and change their communities.

Services provided include scholarships, mentorship, health and wellness services, and when needed, housing. They also have an extensive network through their campus program across colleges who become informed about women’s education issues.

If you want to feel inspired this morning, check out their Scholar Stories, featuring girls in their programs.

Here’s to the next generation of strong educated women.

Have a terrific week.