Miracle Flights

Week 41: Miracle Flights

Miracle Flights helps low-income children with the cost of air travel in order to get the special medical care they need.


This incredible organization provides financial assistance for medical flights so that “seriously ill children may receive life-altering, life-saving medical care and second opinions from experts and specialists throughout the United States”. 

I cannot imagine the heartbreak that families go through when children need specialized medical care that is just out of reach. Helping kids and their families travel to get the specialized healthcare they need is incredible and such a wonderful goal. With the help pf Miracle Flights, families “are given hope that their children may live longer, healthier lives”. 

To date, they have coordinated nearly 110,000 flights. I encourage you to check out their site which features children’s stories. They are remarkable. 

Let’s get these kids to the care they need.

Have a wonderful week!

Blue skies,