Living Goods

Week 27: Living Goods

Hello and Happy Monday! This week’s organization is Living Goods.

Their mission is to “empower people to improve the health of their families, friends and communities”. Their innovative model is to support door to door health entrepreneurs who teach families how to improve their health and wealth and sell life-changing products such as “simple treatments for malaria and diarrhea, safe delivery kits, fortified foods, clean cook stoves, water filters, and solar lights”.

This model simultaneously has a tremendous impact on public health, lowering child mortality, and providing a livelihood for thousands of enterprising women.

Living Goods health entrepreneurs hone in on goals and projects that prevent childrens’ death and can be addressed at a low cost: “treating childhood diseases, offering free pregnancy and newborn check-ups, improving nutrition, and promptly referring acute cases to qualified facilities”.

My mind was blown when I learned that the average cost of a treatment from a Living Goods ‘Health Promoter’ costs only 50 cents.

This remarkable combination of business acumen and public health makes Living Goods an organization that I am very excited to share with you.

Have a wonderful week!