Nursing School Scholarships in Haiti

After taking part in medical volunteer trips to Haiti to work in a small clinic, one translator mentioned that she dreamed of going to nursing school, but couldn’t afford the tuition. A realization struck me: sending in expatriates for short term trips simply did not make sense when there are so many young Haitians who would love to work in healthcare.

So, I started a fundraiser to pay for their tuition. What began as a fundraiser for full ride nursing school scholarships for my friends in Blanchard has expanded to include many more students.

The results have been incredible. Scholarship recipients receive support, both financially and otherwise, and the local community gains access to a high quality healthcare worker. Treating patients in their own communities means better continuity of care, less cultural confusion, long-term impact, and creates a ripple effect for good.

The goal is to increase access to healthcare by improving health infrastructure and bolstering human resources for health, one new healthcare professional at a time.