Heifer International

Week 25: Heifer International

Hello and welcome back to GIVE52! In honor of Father's Day, this week, we are giving to Heifer International to help fathers around the world.

Heifer International's mission is to "work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth". One aspect I love about Heifer is their philosophy that partners who receive gifts share the training they receive and "pass on the first offspring of their livestock to another family". This extends the impact of the original gift, and also means that a family who was once impoverished gets to become donors themselves and help further impact their communities. The goal of every project is to help families achieve self-reliance. 

This Father's Day, Heifer is aiming to prevent the need for fathers to leave home and earn a living to send back to their families. Heifer is helping these dads build businesses in their own communities so they can earn a living without sacrificing time with their kids.

Here's to strong fathers. May we know them and support them.

All the best and more,

Donors Choose

Week 24: Donors Choose

Hello! This week, we are bringing GIVE52 into the classroom with Donors Choose. They make it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need. The goal is to help students and teachers get the tools they need for a great education.

Donors Choose are open to any public school in America and are there for teachers through every step of the process. To verify each classroom request, they vet all projects, purchase the items, and ship materials directly to verified schools. So far, Donors Choose has raised over 500 million dollars and helped more than 22 million students in over 73,000 schools.

My friend Meenakshi, an incredibly talented educator in Detroit, used Donors Choose to provide her class with laptop computers. She says:

Donors choose is how a ton of urban and rural teachers get basic supplies for their classroom. That’s how my kids have access to technology, because 20 people donated. With these netbooks my students will be able to engage in the world around them completely and rigorously in ways that will change their education, so they can change the world.
— Ms. Mukherjee

Excitingly, you can get very specific about the type of classroom projects you would like to fund. Interested in classroom health & wellness? Want to bolster STEM programs? Or maybe your heart is into guaranteeing arts education? Whatever your focus, you can narrow down teachers and classrooms to specifically help with your donation.

Play with the site, and discover some incredible opportunities to make an impact.

The donors choose motto: Support a classroom. Build a future.

Here's to the future, let's help make it awesome.

Malaria Consortium

Week 23: Malaria Consortium

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to another week of GIVE52!

This week, we are giving to an organization that has been names one of the world’s leading non-profit organizations specializing in the prevention, control and treatment of malaria. Their methods are evidence-based and sustainable to help the most vulnerable populations combat communicable diseases.

They work in 12 countries where malaria is endemic and 95 percent of their staff work in the field. This means they have technical expertise on the ground, and are able to adapt quickly to any changes or new challenges. They also take part in research, policy, and pilot programs to treat and prevent malaria in both novel and tried-and-true ways. They have pioneered best practices and approaches, setting the standards that others now follow.

The most common and effective malaria intervention, the long lasting insecticidal net, costs around $2.50 and can protect two people from malaria for up to three years. Other interventions, such as seasonal malaria chemoprevention which can reduce malaria cases in children by up to 75 percent, cost as little as $4.27 per child.
— Malaria Consortium

While working in Nepal and Haiti, I always took malaria prophylaxis and slept with a treated net. It is with great pleasure that I share with you this wonderful organization that makes sure that people living in endemic areas have access to those same tools to prevent the spread.

I am loving this community so much and feel so honored to be able to chat with you each week.
Let me know how this is going so far!

Here's to you, and to the end of malaria in the near future.
Have a wonderful Monday,